Sometimes there is no other option but to remove the old grout and replace it with new.

One of the most common problems we see is cracking and flaking grout around wet areas such as baths, showers, basins, kitchen sinks etc. The problem is, if left and not treated water can soon seep into the cracks and corner joints and work its way into the wooden framing as well as the floor, causing irreparable damage to your home and making it damp and unhealthy. Addressing these problems right from the outset will not only solve the appearance of the grout but may also avoid considerable disruption and escalating repair costs in the future.

So if your grout is looking cracked, powdery or damaged in any way, NOW is the time to re-grout those areas. After GroutPro has professionally installed the new grout we can add a second layer of protection by either clear or Coloursealing to ensure you have maximum protection and peace of mind well into the future.

Before and After Tile Re-Grouting

Brian was great - very thorough fixing the grouting and silicon and answered all my questions patiently. Would definitely recommend