Paths, Driveways, Decks, Patios & More….

If you have dirty exterior tiles, concrete paths and driveways, bricks or blocks, then GroutPros exterior cleaning system is the answer. We use a safe and fast integrated high pressure cleaning system to quickly clean away moss, mould and dirt from your exterior surfaces.

Our cleaning machines are NOT water blasters that can make a mess and damage surrounding plants and surfaces or blast water all over your walls or your garden. Your property is safe in our hands as our state of the art high pressure cleaning machines collect the water and dirt as we go, leaving your paths and driveways clean and all excess water and run off is collected and pumped away.

Exterior cleaning is very popular in the spring months after the grime of winter or cleaning up the outside of a house ready for selling or just a general tidy up and spring clean – whatever your reason for cleaning your  exterior surfaces we have a safe and environmentally friendly solution to your problem.

Before and After Exterior Cleaning

Professional, respectful and efficient service.

Michael Hall