Mould in your bathrooms and showers is not only unsightly but is bad for your health.

Mould produces allergens. It may cause those that are sensitive to respiratory problems to experience allergic reactions, increased asthma attacks, or hay fever. Other symptoms could include nausea, skin rashes, dizziness, headaches, etc

Once mould gets into the silicone around your bath or shower it quickly deteriorates the seal, and can eventually cause leaks.

GroutPro will treat the surfaces and grout with a mould treatment that removes black mould and mildew spots as well as discolouration caused by plants. The product works quickly and efficiently, and through its preventive properties, helps to inhibit further growth for a long time.

Once there is mould in your silicone it cannot be removed.  In this instance we would need to replace the silicone.

Before and After Mould Treatment

Would not hesitate to use again