Grout Coloursealing is GroutPro’s unique flagship service, specifically designed and developed to bring your dirty old grout back to life and make it look BRAND NEW again!

Once completed, your tiles will look completely rejuvenated and revitalized, leaving you feeling proud of your tile and grout just as you were the day they were first installed.

The Benefits of GroutPro Colourseal

  • Makes your grout look like new
  • Fraction of the cost of replacing tiles or re-grouting
  • Ensures uniform colour throughout
  • Professional and natural finish
  • Maximum stain protection available!
  • Ease of maintenance & no more scrubbing
  • 89 different colours (or we can custom mix to match)
  • Expected wear of up to 5 years guaranteed
  • Perfect for kitchens, bathroom, showers, laundries and more
  • Most jobs may be completed in a day.

Before and After Colourseal

Our bathroom was renovated 10+ years ago and was badly in need of some TLC. We contracted GroutPro to carry out floor to ceiling tile & grout cleaning, grout Coloursealing and silicone removal & replacement. Brian is very personable, competent and knowledgeable. He kept us informed during the day, consulted regarding colour choices for Colourseal & silicone and followed up with product suggestions for aftercare. I was particularly impressed with the preparation work, priming and attention to detail. Our bathroom now has splendid clean straight lines of silicone and the tiles and grout look like new again! Fantastic job. Thank you, Brian.


The service provided by Brian at Groutpro has been second to none
The work has been excellent and our bathroom now looks brand new again ( amazing given that it's at least 10- 15 years since we had it done. Brian is efficient, knowledgeable and thoughtful. We would be very happy to recommend Groutpro to anyone needing similar work done.