If you are looking for a simple business opportunity, satisfaction and real rewards, with very low risk, low entry costs and high profit margins then the GroutPro business ticks all your boxes. As a GroutPro franchisee you are able to offer a service to consumers that is truly unique and in HUGE DEMAND!

Find out how you can become a certified Tile & Grout Restoration Specialist by joining the GroutPro team.  Simply enter your details in the form on this page to receive a call from one of the team.

Things are seriously crazy up here. I love the variety, coloursealing new grout (my favourite), old grout, tile replacement, cleaning with portable etc. It is giving me everything I have ever wanted in a business; cash flow, freedom & job satisfaction

Dave ToppingGroutPro Approved Specialist.

Every night I looked forward to what I was going to learn the next day.

Ted Beddoes(ex banking & Logistics) GroutPro Approved Specialist.

The practical hands on training and the Colour Seal process definitely reinforces the “WOW” factor and potential for GroutPro

Darrell Anderson(ex police force) GroutPro Approved Specialist.

Most training materials from other courses are left in a cupboard, but this is a useable resource – GREAT!

Brett Muir(ex confectionary sales) GroutPro Approved Specialist

I had fun, a good group of guys and teachers. I would love to come back on the next course for a couple of days and help out if needed

Steve CottierGroutPro Approved Specialist