Can I simply grout over my existing grout?

Grout adheres to the bisque (raw edge) of the grout joint. The existing grout must be removed to provide sufficient bonding, and prevent the freshly applied grout from flaking or chipping.

If re-grouting my shower, how long before I can use it?

Re-grouting procedures can vary, however normally take between 3 – 6 hours to complete depending upon the type of grout, hardness and age. In most situations the new grout and silicone will only require a cure time of approximately 48 hours allowing you to use your shower within a couple of days.

How long will the grout last?

All grout used by GroutPro is of the highest quality to help prevent any possible shrinkage, discoloration or failure. Any re-grout procedure should last up to 10 years+ providing a PH neutral cleaner is used for any maintenance cleaning.