What Is ‘Clear Sealer’?

Clear sealer is a transparent liquid specially formulated to provide stain resistance and protection to both tiles and grout and is best applied soon after installation. There are many different types of clear sealer from those specifically designed for tiles to those designed for grout only. Clear sealers may be either Solvent or water based depending on the type of sealer and the situation it is intended for. Selecting the correct sealer depends on many variables, from the type of tile or grout, the desired appearance, indoors or out, and high or low traffic area etc…

How do I know if my GROUT has been sealed?

The easiest way to find out if your grout was sealed by the tile installer is to put a few drops of water on the surface of the grout. Leave the water for 5mins and then wipe away with a cloth. If the water has soaked in, or left a darker shade on the grout line – then it has either NOT been sealed, or it needs to be prepared and re-sealed ASAP!.

How do I know if my TILES have been sealed?

To find out if your tiles have been sealed simply drop some water on the surface of the tile. If the tile has been sufficiently sealed, you should see that the water beads up on the surface. The water will also ‘roll’ across the tile as you blow on it. If not – then either it has not been sealed correctly, or it requires preparation and re-sealing ASAP!

What type of Clear Sealer does GroutPro Use?

The type of sealer used ultimately depends on the situation, as different sealers (either water or solvent based) are required for different situations. This is why it is important that our GroutPro Specialist visits to perform a thorough inspection prior to quoting. GroutPro have a large range of Tile & Grout clear sealers and only use the very best in quality.

How long will it last?

Expected wear may vary depending on the type of sealer, the hardness and texture of surface, type of area, surface wear, frequency, and type of maintenance products used. However for most clear sealers the expected wear is up to 5 years and can be as high as 15 years. Weather conditions, harsh cleaning methods, and high-alkaline, acidic, or solvent-based cleaners will affect wear.

Does a clear sealer alter the appearance of Tile & Grout?

No. GroutPro sealers will protect without changing the original colour, texture, feel, or appearance of the tile and grout. However, we also offer colour-enhancing sealers for natural stone, marble, granite, limestone and masonry surfaces as well as GroutPro Colourseal that can change the colour of your existing grout.

How long does it take the sealer to dry?

Most clear sealers will be ready for surface traffic within two hours after final coat under normal conditions (humidity, tile & grout porosity, and air temperature etc). The sealer should achieve full cure in 24 hours depending on the sealer giving your tile and or grout resistance against water, oil, and acid based contaminants causing stains and discoloration.

How should I clean my tiles when the job is completed?

Your Groutpro Specialist will provide you with detailed advice on the best practice cleaning methods to ensure your tile and grout stays perfect for many years.

Will the sealer keep my grout stain proof?

GroutPro sealers are designed to create stain resistance. The objective is to create reaction time, where a stain can be held at the surface level where it can be easily cleaned within a reasonable period of time before it is able to be absorbed into the porous surface. For 100% stain protection we recommend that you talk to us about GroutPro Colourseal.

Why is it important to have my Tile & Grout floor sealed?

Sealing your Tile & Grout floor (and walls) is the only way to protect your investment from water-based and oil-based stains. A sealer prevents a spill from penetrating into the porous surface of the floor, and gives you time to clean it up. And clean-ups are a snap! Simply blot fresh spills with a clean cloth or paper towel. The sealer continues to protect, even after repeated cleanings.

Does my ceramic tile need to be sealed?

No. The ceramic tile is sealed in the manufacturing process but the grout between the tiles should be sealed.

How does a Clear Sealer protect my tiled floor?

The penetrating sealer is absorbed by the pores of the natural stone, tile or grout. It fills up the “nooks and crannies” so that wet stains cannot get below the surface, and soil sits on the surface until it is swept or wiped away.

How is a sealer applied?

First, the floor is professionally cleaned, neutralized, and fully dried. Then, the sealer is applied using professional equipment and allowed to soak into the tile and grout. Finally, the excess sealer is removed from the surface and allowed to dry.

Why is it necessary for a professional to apply sealer? Can’t I do it myself?

GroutPro Specialists are fully trained and certified and have experience, tools, and a wide variety of sealers for all types of natural stone, tiles and grout. Professional application ensures complete protection for the entire surface of the floor. Using the incorrect sealer for the situation may result in an undesired unsightly finish, inadequate protection, or can leave a sticky residue on the surface of the tile that is difficult, if not impossible, to remove!

What do sealers protect against?

A clear penetrating sealer repels water and oil-based contaminants, and prevents stains caused by most food and beverages. It will also protect the surface of the tile and grout from dirt and impurities and prevent them from being worked into the surface.

Is a sealer expensive?

Our sealing programs are affordably priced, and can actually SAVE you money in cleaning and replacement costs. Contact us now to arrange a free demonstration and estimate.

Do you have different sealers to choose from?

Yes. We have a wide assortment of sealers, designed for a variety of surfaces and conditions. Some sealers are designed for interior use only, others for exterior use. Some protect against water only, others against oil and water. And some are designed specifically for floors with high porosity, such as limestone, slate, brick, and concrete. GroutPro Specialists will be able to recommend the most suitable clear sealer for the job.

How should I maintain my sealed floor?

We will provide you with literature on maintenance, and precautions on choice of cleaning products. It is important to use the right cleaning products, as the wrong type can actually break down the sealer leaving your tile and grout unprotected!

Will my floor ever have to be professionally sealed again?

Clear sealer life expectancy can be anywhere between 2- 15 years, depending on the type of sealer, the condition of the tile and grout, foot traffic, weather conditions etc. Your GroutPro Specialist will recommend an appropriate date for re-evaluation, testing and re-application if required.